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Windlass Check Valves are designed and manufactured primarily for use in portable and temporary flow lines & are used to isolate well­ servicing equipment from high pressure treating fluids during fracturing applications. Top entry design allows easy and rapid replacement of its valve seat and flapper without breaking any connection. All check valves have a unique identifying number and are supplied with full material traceability as standard.


■ Suitable for in-line maintenance in fixed applications
■ Forged alloy steel body and stainless steel valve seats
■ Easy maintenance and high quality construction ensures long product life and low total cost of ownership
■ Ideal for use in portable and temporary flow lines


Size (in.)Bore (in.)EndsService
21.87Fig. 602, 1002, 1502Standard & Sour
Standard Specifications:

■ 2" nominal bore size
■ Standard and sour gas service applications
■ Maximum CWP up to 15,000 PSI

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