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Advanced Solutions for Subsea BOP Control Systems

Our Subsea Control Equipment is engineered to optimize the performance and reliability of Subsea Blowout Preventer (BOP) Control Systems. Featuring a range of modules and components, including Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Control Panels, and more, our solutions are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of subsea operations.

Modules and components of Subsea BOP systems

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

Designed for high efficiency and reliability in powering subsea BOP systems.

Hydraulic Control Panels

Enable precise control over BOP functions, ensuring operational integrity.

Accumulator Bottle Rack

Provides the necessary hydraulic fluid storage and pressure to operate BOP functions.

PLC Remote Panels

Offer remote control and monitoring capabilities for BOP systems via programmable logic controllers.

Three Position Air Cylinders

Utilized for reliable valve actuation in critical subsea applications.

RBQ Receiver Plates

Essential for the secure and accurate positioning of ROVs during subsea interventions.

Applications and Use Cases​

Our Subsea Control Equipment is pivotal in

Deepwater Drilling Operations

Enhancing the safety and efficiency of drilling at great depths.

Emergency BOP Activation

Ensuring rapid response capabilities in critical situations.

ROV Interventions

Facilitating the secure and precise control of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for maintenance and emergency actions.

Benefits and Features

Engineered Design

Built to endure the extreme pressures and corrosive environments of deepwater operations.

Operational Efficiency

Engineered for optimal performance to minimize downtime and enhance safety.


Tailored solutions to meet specific operational requirements and challenges.

Popular Questions


Yes, our equipment is designed for compatibility and seamless integration with existing systems.

Detailed pricing available upon request.

We offer customization options to meet unique operational needs.

Drilling BOP Control Systems
Workover BOP Control Systems
Diverter Control Panels

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