Windlass Modular Frac Accumulator System

Windlass Modular Frac Accumulator System

Efficient and Reliable Frac Valve Actuation Solution

Our Modular Frac Accumulator System offers a highly efficient solution for frac valve actuation that surpasses traditional HPU systems. This field-proven system significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership, providing a superior and streamlined product. Known as the CHPU/POD system, it features a single central power unit (CHPU) that powers each individual Remote-Control Panel (POD), substantially lowering the carbon footprint.

Technical Specifications

Centralized Hydraulic Power Unit (CHPU)

  • Engine:  Hatz diesel engine with backup air pumps
  • Power: Solar-powered panel with battery
  • Control: Auto-Start/OFF Smart control panel
  • Design: Bent plate style skid

Beltless Engine Drive

  • Gearbox:   2:1 ratio gear box to replace the belt drive, eliminating daily belt torque adjustments


  • Capacity: Each POD can actuate up to 6 hydraulic valves
  • Control: Dedicated pressure regulator for individual POD pressure control

Independent Energy Storage

Each POD maintains its own stored energy for quick fluid propulsion and reduced actuation time

System Type

Closed-loop system providing redundancy

Design Comparison

Traditional HPU Set-up

Applications and Use Cases​​

The Modular Frac Accumulator System is ideal for

Frac Valve Actuation

Providing precise control and efficient actuation in hydraulic fracturing operations

Oil and Gas Industry

Enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in frac pads

Benefits and Features

Centralized Hydraulic Power Unit (CHPU)

Generates, stores, and provides hydraulic pressure to the PODs, enhancing efficiency and reducing the environmental impact.

Beltless Engine Drive

Eliminates the need for daily belt torque adjustments, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Independent Energy Storage

Ensures quick fluid propulsion into the actuator, minimizing actuation time.

Redundant System

Enhances reliability with a closed-loop system.

Enhanced Safety

Designated POD per well prevents accidental shut-ins or actuations.

Cost and Environmental Efficiency

Lower maintenance costs and reduced carbon footprint with one CHPU per frac pad hook-up.

Flexible Operation Modes

Available in both hydraulic and PLC modes for versatile operation.


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Each POD can actuate up to 6 hydraulic valves.

Available upon request.

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