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Windlass Ring Gaskets are made to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures while being used in highly corrosive environments. They meet or exceed API 6A specifications and are available in soft iron, low carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316 and other
exotic alloys for specialty applications.

Suitable for oil and gas pipeline flanges and pressure vessels
Style R is divided into various types
Style RX is an improvement of style R in pressure resistance
Style BX is a gasket with high pressure resistance up to 15,000 PSI
Made to conform to API 6A & ASME B16.20 standard

The complete range is stocked and available for immediate delivery in our distribution center in Houston and Dubai. All gaskets are individually boxed and marked with the item number and heat number for easy identification and traceability.

R-Oval Type

Standard Ring Gasket with oval cross section and designed for flanges with standard ring grooves. Available from R11 to R79 & R92.

R-Octagonal Type

Standard Ring Gasket with octagonal cross section and Type designed for flanges with standard ring grooves. Interchangeable with oval section gaskets on modern octagonal grooved flanges. Available from R11 to R105.


An adaptation of the standard R type gasket and designed to fit the same groove design. It is interchangeable with standard R type gaskets. Available from RX20 to R215.


Specially designed for high pressures. All BX gaskets incorporate a pressure balance hole to ensure equalization of pressure which may get trapped in the grooves. It is only suited for API BX flanges and grooves. Available from BX 150 to BX303.

Specifications for Ring Gaskets

MaterialMax. HardnessTemp. Limitation °C
BrinellRockwell BIdentificationMin.Max.
Soft Iron9056D-40540
Low CS12068S-60500
304 SS16083304-250540
316 SS16083316-200815

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