Diverter Control Panels

High-Quality Control Solutions for Drilling Operations

Diverter Control Panels are essential for effective drilling operations, offering precision control over the flow of drilling fluids and gases. Designed for both onshore and offshore applications, these panels are critical in managing wellbore pressures and ensuring safety during drilling. Windlass manufactures Diverter Control Panels that meet or exceed API 16D requirements.

Technical Specifications

Pressure Handling

Rated for high-pressure scenarios typical in drilling operations. If remote pressure regulation is needed, diverter controls are furnished with an air pilot regulator. This unit features a unit/remote selector valve and pneumatic transmitter.


Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials for durability in harsh environments.


Designed to work with various types of diverter systems. Each panel can be mounted integrally or separately. Includes heavy duty gauges, air cylinders for remote operations and PLC communication to the driller's panel.


Available in different configurations to meet specific operational needs. Depending on customer preferences, we provide systems that are either independent of the main hydraulic control unit or a panel driven off the main unit.

Applications and Use Cases​​

Diverter Control Panels are primarily used in

Surface Drilling Operations

To direct drilling mud and cuttings safely away from the rig.

Wellbore Pressure Management

To prevent blowouts by managing unexpected pressure surges.

Offshore Drilling

For controlling diverters on offshore platforms, ensuring the safety of operations.

Emergency Response

As a rapid response solution for controlling and diverting unexpected surges in pressure.

Benefits and Features

Enhanced Safety

Provides a critical defense against blowouts.

Operational Efficiency

Enables smooth and controlled drilling operations.


Tailored to specific drilling environment requirements.


Built to withstand harsh drilling environments.


Popular Questions


Yes, we offer customization to meet unique operational requirements.

Available upon request.

Standard and custom models have varying lead times.

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Diverter Control Panels

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